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      Public Hygiene & sanitation Application at home & office

      A multifunctional homemate and safeguard

      Applying patented Titanium nano film thermal technology,generate pure compressed nano steam for multiple purposes such as sterilizing,cleaning,etc.

      WB compressed nano steam generator Z3

      Instant Heat Compressed Nano Steam Generator ,is a safe guard and a versatile mate ! Various kinds of Fast-changed Conductor and application options, killing viruses instantly,protecting and caring life and work.

      None Chemical Sterilizing,it is a reliable safeguard, a strong firewall . killing viruses and bacteria immediately by applying steam-scan in a pure physical way, none chemical material remain , no pollution.

      Applications cases

      A powerful sterilizer , A safeguard, A firewall, A homemate

      Suitable for various of places

      as a multifunctional machine , it can be used as sterilizer, cleaner,iron, sauna generator,hotpot cooker,etc. Unique sterilizing box is available for various objects including underwear For home cleaning,make it clean and clear ,remove dirt and odour quickly. The sauna function gives a amazing fine and smooth steam bath, comfort body and soul,improve blood circulation, energize body cells, clean and moisturize skin with magical nano water molecule. It can be connected to hotpot utensil. steaming foods and cooking soup or porridge, amazing nano steam molecules can help to lock the freshness and nutrition! makes the delicious food you never have before!

      1. Home and office sterilizing and cleaning

      2. Steam Sauna

      3. Ironing clothes and sterilizing

      4. For cold chain package or frozen foodstuffs sterilizing

      5. Connect to different sterilizing boxes

      6. Nano water molecules steaming food