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      Application in urban area Application in agriculture

      Solution for Acceleration of maturation of organic fertilizer

      A new era of agricultural organic fertilizer launched by WB Intelligent Toilet technology

      High temperature's catalytic effect on the fermentation of organic fertilizer

      Certain high temperature is the main effect for the maturation of dunghill. research indicates that decomposition efficiency of organic material done by thermophilic bacteria is much better than that by the mesophilic bacteria. fermentation is accelerated due to the better growth of thermophilic bacteria after the dejecta done and flushed by WB high temperature steam intelligent closestool which provide a suitable temperature for the excrement decomposition to fertilize. As we konw the natural and environment friendly organic fertilizer originated from animals or plants. each WB nano steam intelligent toilet is a small organic fertilizer plant by applying it's integrated technology and amazing engineering design,this will definitely bring benefit to the development of modern agriculture.

      The effect of thermal catalytic technology for grand agriculture

      The defects of conventional compost :need longer time、effected by environment temperature, limitation of fermentation technology

      The advantages of WB Nano Steam Intelligent Closestool :composting within 10 days、ignorant of environmental temperature、sterilizing thoroughly and reserve beneficial elements of fertilizer.

      Reduce the circulation of antibiotics in food chain

      Before laws and regulations were amended,antibiotics were abused widely in feedstuff industry in the past and penetrated into food chain already in human being's living.

      Most of the organic materials will be decomposed at about 120℃ while WB Nano Instant Heating technology make this into realization.

      The dry and wet separation technology of WB nano intelligent closestool makes the excrement dried and properly stored while greatly reduce the emission of organic materials as well as nitrides and sulfides.

      Patented nano film thermal technology

      WB nano intelligent closestool conduct toilet revolution and make contribution to ecological environment by applying patented Titanium nano film thermal technology

      Commit to innovation of intelligent toilet system for people's better life

      WB nano steam intelligent toilet technology treat the excrement from the origin,turn the excrement and sewerage into organic fertilizer faster while the traditional way cost huge financial and material resources.

      waters will be contaminated if excrement and sewerage which containing organic materials, nitrides and sulfides etc.,were directly released into waters, this would result in the acceleration of the reproduction and breeding of rats and mosquitoes as well as various bacteria and viruses.

      WB intelligent closestool generate high temperature steam over 120℃ and eliminate bacteria and viruses in excrement and urine,separate dry and wet remains and turn it into organic fertilizer rapidly,dramatically reduce waste including organic and chemical materials. thus to achieve elimination of some certain pollution from the beginning and commit contribution to the carbon neutral project.

      • The swift thermal response of Titanium nano film help to achieve the steam flushing function.

      • The low coefficient expansion ensure the thermal stability of intelligent stool.

      • The higher coefficient of electricthermal conversation of Titanium nano film ,contributing to the economic and low-carbon advantages.