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      Application in urban area Application in agriculture

      Patented unique nano film thermal technology

      WB Intelligent Stool applying our patented nano film thermal technology and excellent engineering design to ensure the realization of water-saving flushing and sterilizing simultaneously.

      • The swift thermal response of Titanium nano film help to achieve the steam flushing function.

      • The low coefficient expansion ensure the thermal stability of intelligent stool.

      • The higher coefficient of electricthermal conversation of Titanium nano film ,contributing to the economic and low-carbon advantages.

      WB Intelligent Steam Flushing Closestool reduce the water pollution

      • Each flushing use only 800ml water by applying patented steam technology, dramatically reduce the sewage.

      • Reduce personal water consumption from the end users,make less sewage,lighten the burden of urban water treatment facilities.

      • Deficiency of fresh water will cause vital crisis for human being. The untreated human and animal excrement will do great harm to the environment if it were released into waters or permeate the underground water,the dead organism will deteriorate and consume huge portion of oxygen and threat the survive of fishes, cause oxygen deficit and death of other oxygen-utilizing organisms which can purify waters by decomposing organic material. all this will lead to the consequences of deterioration of water quality and cause worse situation of fresh water reserve.

      • WB Nano Steam Intelligent Closestool helps to save water and decrease the output of sewage dramatically and lighten the burden of over loading urban sewage treatment facilities.

      Sterilizing and killing viruses by WB Nano Steam Intelligent Closestool

      • Toilet sewage contains innumerable germs and viruses.

        there may be 1 million to 400 million bacteria within 1gram human excrement and urine, some bacteria can float in the air with the aerosols.

      • High temperature steam kills bacteria and viruses in pure physical way.

        WB Nano R&D Center discovered there's merely remain of bacteria or viruses by applying our patented steam flushing technology while it cultivated plenty of bacteria from the sampling scraped from the inner wall of common closestool.

      • Decrease the risk of cross infection by using public toilet

                 Closestool is widely used in public places such as hotels etc. while lots of people anxious about the hygiene and risk of disease infection.

                 WB nano high temperature steam intelligent closestool solve this problem thoroughly. most of the bacteria will be deactivated at about 70 ℃ ,while WB nano high temperature steam can be of 120℃ and flushing the stool completely.