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      Company profile

      Established in 2006, Wangbo Nano R&D Center located in Shenzhen, the center has several subsidiaries and project departments with a team of more than 200 people ranged in nano materials research, engineering,manufacturing and management issues.

      Wangbo nano R&D center and it's subsidiaries are specialized in base materials research and application of nano materials film,we focus on electric thermal technology, thermalelectricic conversion, HTS, High Heat Insulation,Graphene applications etc.

      we have acquired 3 PCT National Defense Invention Patent,12 National Invention Patent, more than 90 National Utility Model Patent, and more under applying.

      Contact Us

      Wangbo Nano R&D Center
      Address: Wangbo Nano R&D Center, No.6 Industrial Road, Buxin community, Dapeng new district, Shenzhen, China.
      Email: service@wbnami.com
      Follow us on Twitter @nanotec78690706